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10 million fixed equipment investment for testing lab of Zhuhai branch company
Zhuhai Chuangyin Technology Co., Ltd. has added more than 10 million fixed equipment investment, after 3 months of efforts to organize and increase the A...
CY group attended the 121st Canton Fair
Shenzhen Chuangyin Technology Co., Ltd attended the 121st Canton Fair in April @ Guangzhou
Shenzhen Chuangyin was assessed as: China manufacturing network certified suppliers
By SGS-CSTC review, I Shenzhen Chuangyin company was assessed as: "China made network certified suppliers" and access to the plaque and certificate. ...
Chuangyin first overseas joint venture set up and started construction
In order to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, a silver company to further expand the product international sales market at the same time, also ...
Visit Us at European Utility Week 2017
European Utility Week 2017 Oct.3-5,2017   RAI Amesterdam,the Netherlands Welcome to visit us.   //
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