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Shenzhen Chuangyin was assessed as: China manufacturing network certified suppliers
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文章摘要:Shenzhen Chuangyin was assessed as: China manufacturing network certified suppliers ,霰弹枪托物感怀唐家三少,抗战食不充口八十六。

By SGS-CSTC review, I Shenzhen Chuangyin company was assessed as: "China made network certified suppliers" and access to the plaque and certificate.

   This "certificate" is like a window, let the world know about the creation of silver.

   This "certificate" shows that: in the "Made in China" in the army, the creation of silver has become a qualified member.

   This "certificate" of the acquisition, but also marks my Shenzhen Chuangyin company in the enterprise business activities in the process of law-abiding, reputable, has been recognized by the community. This "certificate" will also encourage us in the future development will be more emphasis on integrity, the pursuit of credibility.

【relevant information】:

Made in China:

China Manufacturing Network is a Chinese product information online world, for the global supply of Chinese products, e-commerce services, aimed at using the Internet to China-made products introduced to the global buyers. China Manufacturing Network was founded in 1998, is the focus of science and technology development and operation of the most famous B2B e-commerce site, has been for four consecutive years by "Internet Weekly" as China's most commercial value of the top 100 sites. China's manufacturing network brings together Chinese enterprises products, for the global buyers, to provide efficient and reliable information exchange and trade services platform for Chinese enterprises and global buyers to create unlimited business opportunities, is the domestic small and medium enterprises through the Internet to carry out international trade preferred B2B website One is also an influential international e-commerce platform.

SGS Certification:

SGS Group was founded in 1878, is the global leader in testing, identification, testing and certification services and innovators. The Group has more than 1,000 branches and laboratories around the world with 53,000 employees. With outstanding professional experience and service integrity, SGS provides inspection and test reports, and certification has become an important criterion for many multinational companies, traders to evaluate and select suppliers.

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