CY-RCT02A1(5) Clamp-on Flexible Rogowski Coil Split Current Transformer


"CY-RCT02A1 (5)" Type 1 (5)A Rogowski coil split current transformer provides easy-to-install plug-and-play solution that can be connected to a power meter or a 1(5)A current transformer Equipment used in conjunction.

The Rogowski coil split current transformer Kit has a three-channel 1(5)A integrator output that can be used for most power meters and devices with 1 (5) A input. The kit offers four selectable measurement ranges including: 500A, 1kA, 2.5kA and 5kA, the detection range of 0.5% to 120% of the rated current input .Applied to 50 / 60Hz system, the rated frequency range of 45Hz to 65Hz. The mounting bracket is DIN rail or surface mount, with 24Vdc power supply.

Application Uses: power instrumentation, electronic multi-function energy meter and field calibrator, instrumentation measurement and protection.


No need to disconnect the bus line power outage, easy installation.

Simple and quick installation in a small space;

Fine design, coil size can be customized

Excellent linearity;

Dimension and wire schematic


Model code:

Technical data:



Technical data




Range of current measurement 

0.5 - 5000 A

80 dBSignal range



0 - 5 ARMS



Variable range stalls




Max burden

1.25 VA each channel



Max output


50 mΩ



Measuring channel

Single / three phase




50/60 Hz



Ratio error




Phrase error

< 1.5 ° @ 50Hz




±0.3% 5% - 120%In



Position sensitivity




Field effect

±1% Range (distance coil)200mm







Power requirements

voltage48VDC ±10%,30w


current0.6安培 DC @ 48VDC



Cable length

2mMeasuring head to electronic module



output/input connection

18 - 28 AWG / 12 - 18 AWG



Operating temperature 




Relative humidity

5%?95no Condensation 




TS35/7 DIN installation trail


Note All precision is specified at 20 ° C and the coil is centered on the conductor. Typical accuracy of the coil <1%。

Dimension and  schematic 

The match coil can be our “CY-RCT01”or“CY-RCT02” series, or customized also.

Function and Application 

Function General measurement and protection in power systems for highly mobile or space-constrained or uninterrupted power systems.

Application Uses: power instrumentation, electronic multi-function energy meter and field calibrator, instrumentation measurement and protection.

Installation instruction:


When flexible rogowski coil  measurement probe connected, the cable under test should be placed in the middle of the flexible rogowski coil and the coil can be kept vertical to effectively reduce the measurement error.

in daily use , please ensure the correct connection of the XS1 terminals  positive and negative polarity of the power supply, once incorrect connection, the inside chip will be damaged.

If the output channel for more than 5 amps RMS may cause RōCoilTCA-5 to overheat and damage.


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