CY-RAM2000 Parallel-cables current balance detector


‘CY-RAM2000 parallel-cables current balance detector’ is designed for easy installation in a small space without removing the main bus or cable. It consists of two parts: flexible rogowski coil probe and electronic modules with a display.The instrument can simultaneously display two wires AC current, and also shows the current difference & current unbalanced degree between two wires. Mainly used for various power bus current measurement, and two current balance detection.


Flexible,lightweight, beautiful appearance

Simple and quick installation in small space

without high voltage in secondary open circuit

No iron core saturation and damage when overload

Excellent linearity

Multi-size optional


General measurement and protection for strong mobility or space-constrained or uninterrupted power systems

Power instrumentation, electronic multi-function energy meter and field calibrator, instrumentation measurement and protection


parallel-cables bus current balance detection

Three-phase load current balance detection of power system;

Current detection of large load power system lines.


Technical data:



Current range



±1%(5%~120%In) @45-65Hz


±0.3% (5%~120%In)

Position sensitivity


External influence

±1% range (distance to coil >200mm)

Temperature coefficient

± 0.08 % / of the reading data

Frequency range

10 Hz to 20 kHz (-3dB)

Power supply

4*AA| MN1500|LR6 battery

(external adapter 9~12V DC)

Overload indication


 Indicate when overload over 120%, (display Alarm)

Automatic shutdown time

15 min@ No current acquisition signal

Operating Voltage

600 V AC RMS

Cable length

2 meters,measuring probe to the electronics module


250 gmeasuring probe ),体彩排列三免费预测:160 g electronics module


Dimension and Schematic:   Unit:mm         

 Component name

flexible rogowski coil A

flexible rogowski coil B

current measuring input terminal A

current measuring input terminal B

LCD(体彩排列三免费预测 crystal display)

B/L button, Backlight switch

Hold button (debug button)

Power button

Battery compartment rear cover

Button function:

Power button: switch key, long press more than 3 seconds turn on/off;

Hold button : data hold key, short press to keep the current data, press again to return to normal;

B/L button: short press to turn on or off the LCD backlight, long press debug two channels for the same value.

Usage instruction:






1. To achieve best accuracy, flexible rogowski coil measurement probe should keep consistent with A, B channel when connection.

2. When the display shows low power, display dim, can not boot, you should replace the battery.

3 When the display is not normal (e.g. only two lines are displayed), remove the battery and reload it.


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